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Coral Charm


I know it is not Peony season, but it is not too early to think about ordering your roots for fall planting.  I am absolutely in love with Coral Charm.  It has great stems and the color does not even look real in a vase.  Needless to say, I already put my order in for ten plants for my new Peony border in my kitchen garden for some no guilt flower cutting.  My favorite place to date for value, selection and quality is Gilbert H. Wild & Son.  Peonies can be a costly investment, but I have found Gilbert Wild to ship some of the largest Peony roots I have seen to date.  They also carry a great selection of Daylilies, Iris and Hosta.  They also offer a special deal on a cutting garden selection of popular varieties.

Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Mrs. FDR


Mrs. FDR is another old fashioned variety that can sometimes be tough to find, but is well worth it.  It is also one that pictures can never do justice.  The flowers are the color of the inside of a seashell.  I know it is hard to start thinking about spring in the middle of summer, but it is the perfect time to start planning your row of cutting peonies or you can dedicate a whole garden to them like Martha Stewart at her farm in Bedford, New York.  Click on the link to see more photos of the Peonies and her annual Peony party held at the farm.

Martha Stewart's Peony Garden

Ninety plus degrees tend to make us avoid thinking about fall planting, but ordering early will pay off in April and May!



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